Let them eat cake!

So before I talk about things like going to Wimbledon and getting rained on, doing a sponsored dog walk and seeing Black Sabbath whilst in the pangs of mild sunstroke. I did promise a dairy fueled recipe.

Back in April my youngest sister turned 21 and for me birthdays can mean only one thing…CAKE! (and presents obviously) In light of her milestone birthday and generally being an awesome person I had to bake a cake. At the time I was craving all things cheesecake related so I endeavored to find a recipe that contained cheesecake and my other favourite thing- brownies.

Philadelphia had a great recipe for here but as I wanted make something a little healthier I chopped and changed the recipe to suit my ideals.

As with all recipes this is just a rough guide as to what I used- add and subtract as you feel works for you.

The recipe for the brownies is;

-Half a bar of 125g plain chocolate

-Half a bar of 125g milk chocolate

-50g of salted butter

-1 tablespoon of coconut oil

-1 teaspoon of coco powder (I used green and blacks)

-2 eggs

-half a cup of wholegrain spelt flour

-Half a cup of potato flour (starch)

-a lingering drop of vanilla extract

-a pinch of cinnamon or ginger (depending on whats in your cupboard)

-a teaspoon of baking powder

-half a cup of brown sugar

For the cheesecake I used

-200g Philadelphia cheese

-50g brown caster sugar

For the topping I used

-One pack of cadburys milk chocolate shortbread biscuits.

(smashed using a rolling pin- great for getting out any anger)


Melt plain and milk chocolate in a saucepan on a very low heat, add the butter and coconut oil (add a smidgen more butter if needed) and the coco powder. Once melted leave to one side. In a bowl add spelt, potato flour, brown sugar, baking powder, pinch of cinnamon and eggs, mix together and you should see a cake like mixture forming. Then add the melted butter and chocolate mixture and mix. You’ll probably need to add a bit more flour so flit between the spelt and potato starch until its not too gloopy.

If you haven’t already make sure your ovens preheated to 180 c (fan oven) and line a baking tin with baking paper. Pour the brownies into the lined baking tin. Next you need to get a bowl and mix the cheese and sugar until its creamed, once you’ve done that marble the mixture into the brownie mix using a spoon. Then sprinkle the crumbled biscuits over the top. Put in the oven until for roughly 30 to 40 minutes but I would check after about 20. Once the mixtures cooked all the way through you’re ready for edible awesomeness.

I was so pleased with how the cheesecake brownies turned out.

Please let me know if you try to make them.

I’d also like to point out that I was not sponsored by Philadelphia for this post.

Have a great week!


Shaziya Niamh



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