Dogs Unite

All the way back in June, on a not so sunny summers day my friend Claire, the little heart breaker that is Widget and myself headed to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to participate in the Dogs Unite sponsored dog walk which raises money for Guide dogs for the blind. You can read more about the what they do here .

Now as Widget has teeny legs we only did the 1km but he was such a star throughout the whole thing, you see Widget is an ex show dog so he’s used to being around other dogs and keeping calm throughout.

The event was in all senses doggy heaven- its only in the last few years that I’ve become a dog lover and now its at the point where I go all googley eyed whenever I get to hang out with dogs.

As with any type of British summer event it wouldn’t have been the same without a drop of rain- but in this instance we were glad as it kept the dogs cool and walking primed.

I also got the chance to meet a gentleman who makes the most delicious melt in your mouth fudge ever, with just three ingredients its without all the funny stuff!

Afterwards we treated ourselves to pizza, cupcakes and pimms before making our merry ways home.

Claire also wrote about it so be sure to check out her blog





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