Link stuff….

This is the first week of relaunching the blog and I’m finding myself really completely buzzing with ideas about future posts. Thanks to everyone who has followed and read so far.

In the meantime I thought I would like to some stuff (god I love that word) on the internet that has been entertaining me through a rather grey (weather wise) week.


I am begging my mother not to read this blog- this woman writes and she writes well plus this post was pretty funny.

Si over at is currently challenging himself to cook a different recipe every week and they all look simply mouth watering.

Speaking of food this article spoke the ‘truth’ so to speak- when it comes to healthy we all know what to do it but sometimes that can be tough to put into practice.

Photography wise check out Derek Berehulaks photos during the 2010 floods over in Pakistan also check out his other work. I’m half Pakistani (also half Irish) and went over with my family when I was 12- for such a beautiful country its a real shame its so corrupt.

Documentary photography is a real obsession of mine and this blog has been really inspiring me

In other news- I’ve started knitting and experimenting more with Asian (Pakistani) cooking again and am also looking for a photography project to get my teeth into.

Have a great weekend!

Shaziya Niamh



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