Mushroom rice

Honestly, going dairy free has been anything but easy, however it has led me to question my eating habits which can only be a good thing in the long term (for my nose). At some point I will go into more detail about it, but today I want to share this awesome recipe that sits somewhere between ‘I’ve got nothing in the house but I’ve got mushrooms’ and lazy yet healthy comfort food. This is the type of recipe you can make a big batch of and freeze for lunches and drunken nibbles to make it even healthier you could swap the brown rice for quinoa and it would be just as yummy.

As per usual the measurements are just a rough guide; delete, add or subtract as you wish because well that’s the beauty of f@*£ it when it comes to cooking!

Mushroom rice

Mushroom rice

The ingredients;

  • One white onion chopped
  • One cup of brown rice (add more depending on how many your cooking for)
  • One big mushroom chopped
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil
  • A little veg stock
  • A handful of chopped kale or spinach to mix in once rice is cooked
  • One or two chopped carrots for the top (I roasted these with a bit of honey and cayenne pepper)
  • A little chill
  • A little black pepper


Cook brown rice as you would usually, add the coconut oil and veg stock. After about five minutes add the onion, mushroom, chilli and black pepper then stir. Let the rice absorb the flavours and continue cooking as per rice instructions. Once rice is cooked mix in kale or spinach and add the roasted carrots. Serve with a dollop of houmous.

Happy Saturday!

Shaziya Niamh





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