Great British Bake Off

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere I’m sure most of you have succumbed to the delights of the national treasure that is The Great British Bake Off. If you haven’t, find yourself a comfy sofa, a cup of tea, maybe a slice of cake and indulge in a land full of baking wonders. 

Last Sunday my friends and I were due to watch the bake offs sister show An Extra Slice but unfortunately when we got down to the studios the audience number quota had already been filled. In prep I had baked oat and chocolate chip cookies (the theme was biscuits). 

Whilst we didn’t get to see the sister show we did go to one of the last remaining Walkabouts in London, London’s oldest wine bar and Canadian pub The Maple Leaf

Anyhow back to the bake off. My favourites so far are Norman (‘how’s the jam?’), Iain (Irish eyes are always smiling), Nancy (she has a guillotine!). Who are your favourites?

Honestly apart from watching the odd episode here and there this is the first season I’ve really paid attention to and given my love of baking I am feeling quite inspired by the show. 

Also I get why its so popular- theres something about baking stuff for the people you love, something you’ve made, from scratch for them. It brings people together. 

I’ll be posting the cookies recipe in the next few days, in the meantime heres a photo to get those appetites suitably wet! 

Happy Wednesday

Shaziya Niamh 

Oat & Chocolate chip cookies.

Oat & Chocolate chip cookies.




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