Link Stuff part two

It’s the weekend and the last bank holiday weekend of the summer (bring out the violins). Now I’m sure your all busy with a plethora of general bank holiday stuff, but here are some links for when you’re not so busy. 

First off I love this song  anyway but then I watched the video and with its nods to Friday the 13th and Say Anything its just brilliantly funny, plus the Menzingers are an awesome band.

At some point I will write a post about my favourite music videos because there are so many good ones out there!

Secondly Micheal Pollan explains whats wrong with the paleo diet its an interesting read and its definitely taking on board some of what he says. 

Thirdly I know I’ve linked to Aletheia photos before but they are doing such amazing things, J A Mortram is one of my favourite photographers check out his Small Town Inertia series. I believe theres an exhibition of his work opening in Camden next week which I will most definitely be going to.

Fourthly I’ve been watching a lot of comedians in cars getting coffee which is just comedians in cars getting coffee. There are some real gems of wisdom in there ands lots of coffee (obviously). I’ve also been watching a lot of Arrested Development but thats something I always do!

Lastly some photos from my instagram I’ll be writing more about the below very soon. 

In the mean time- enjoy the bank holiday! 


Shaziya Niamh 

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath


Black Forest Cake




Planet of the grapes- possibly the best name for a wine shop ever.








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