Aeons ago I promised a load of posts that just never happened. Unfortunately life got in the way and just after I came out of hospital I had to find a new place to live as well as dealing with lots of other stuff.

Anyhow- the day i was bitten was also the day my family got a dog (the sheer irony is still not lost on me!). Growing up we had a poodle named Chloe and cat called Lucy after they died we had two part feral cats named Tom and Jerry who ran away.

We hadn’t had a pet in years and I think its something we all missed but I know its something my Mum wanted.



Teddy is a cockapoo with a love of bones and running round the garden. He is the cutest thing in the world and makes going back home all the more awesome. I had just come out of hospital when I first met him and I was on some very strong antibiotics but he helped me forget about it all.

I went home last Friday and I hadn’t seen him in about two months he is now a much bigger ball of fluff but still awesome. This time round I was able to take him for a walk and I’m looking forward to doing more of that.

Happy Sunday!

Shaziya xo

Teddy now

Teddy now


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