Hungover baking

Now that I’m in my late twenties I tend to avoid hangovers like the plague. You see I enjoy a day of self loathing as much as the next person I just don’t like the thought of not really being able to do anything and not because I’m ill but because tequila was my friend for a few hours. However sometimes it’s really worth it and the lack of sleep can’t lead to a moment of genius due to the fact that there isn’t anywhere to go apart from fuck it.

That’s what happened when I decided to bake a black forest cake for my Mums birthday- I’d had the idea weeks before it was just a case of putting it into practice and finding a recipe that I could change slightly. I was scared as I had never baked a black forest cake before. On the day I was petrified as I’d had about two hours sleep and the taste of rum was still lingering in my mouth but I had the ingredients and enough fear to figure fucking up just wasn’t an option.

For the back bone I used this recipe

As per usual I did tweak it slightly:

  • I used a mix of spelt and potato flour instead of plain flour.
  • Two layers instead of three
  • Full fat greek yoghurt instead of buttermilk
  • A mix of dark and milk chocolate.
  • Black cherry jam found in Marks & Spencers (can’t find a link to it)

By some miracle the cake turned out rather well and everyone loved it especially my Mum.

Have you had any baking triumphs in the midst of hangoverdom? Let me know in the comments!

The finished product

The finished product

Shaziya xo



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