I shouldn’t be this annoyed but…

Remember when I wrote about how much I enjoyed The Rosie Project (if you know me if real life you’ll understand my depth of love for it) well I didn’t just enjoy the book- it also got me through my time in hospital with my infected dog bite. Between me telling the nurses all about my love of hospital dramas and the recent Greys Anatomy binge plus other things that you would only say when you’ve had hardly any sleep and you have a surgeon poking about in your arm. THAT BOOK got me through and this song (Eastbound and Down fans will understand).

Anyhow the book is a gem a true gem that worked well on its own. The other day I was in a book shop when I saw that there is a sequel A SEQUEL called The Rosie Effect. 

My immediate reaction was one of sheer disbelief- the books good- it doesn’t need a sequel. I felt angry and annoyed like I was grieving for a dead ferret. Plus I wasn’t expecting to feel this amount of venom towards the sequel. Surely I would want to know more about the characters?

Now I’ve had a bit of time I’m actually looking forward to reading The Rosie Effect, yes it has a lot to live up to but I’m sure its a gem in its own right.

Have you ever felt this strongly towards a book/film/ tv show?

I’ve just given in and started reading Gone Girl and I’m dipping in and out of Roddy Doyle’s The Deportees.

Tell me what your reading in the comments!

Shaziya xo


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