There’s been a lot of loss recently and it doesn’t get easier. My Grannie died three weeks ago and though I hadn’t seen her in years I miss her. As with the post about Teddy grief hits in waves with highs and lows and difficult bits in between. She was a strong, funny woman and its because of her that I am a strong, funny woman (and my Mum). I wish I’d spent more time with her but she lived a long, happy life and had people that really cared for her.

I went to see my Granddad earlier today and I was asking about how they met and he told me it was a dance at a place just off O’Connell street in Dublin. She’d gone up to him as she thought he was 30 but he then told her he was 32. I asked more questions but hes old and confused so one story became three and I couldn’t keep up!

I went over to Ireland for the funeral- it lovely to see how she’d touched the hearts of so many people not only her children and grandchildren and to hear stories. Stories about her love of books, about her humour about who she was and I wanted to know more, more about her.

One thing I do know is that she lives on in my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever not miss her.



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