Your new favourite band

Yeah I know this a food blog and I haven’t really been talking about food recently but alas food service will be resumed shortly.  I’m still cooking- I just don’t want to talk about it right now ;-)!!!

The other week I went to see Canadian band folk punk (also known as lumberjack rock) genius Northcote. The first time I saw them was supporting Chuck Ragan earlier this year and I was massively impressed by just how awesome they were.

The 2013 of the same name is full of tracks that ooze positivity and sentiment mixed with a rather sing along in your pants backdrop. So when I found out that they were playing one of my fave gig venues in London I just had to go.

Myself and a couple of friends had a few beers before the gig then went up to watch the support Billy the Kid, who is also worth checking out.

The guys put on a fantastic show- I think everyone should go see them play as I’m still highly obsessed with the album and the new Invisible Diamonds ep!

I’m gonna leave you all with lyrics from one his best songs Burn right past them all (its all about doing what you want to do)

‘May you be forever foolish. May you be forever a fool. And run ahead. In those far away lights. Cross the ocean tonight when I’m looking. At the horizon line and the tankers. The dark clouds and breakers, you burn right past them all’  Northcote



Happy Friday!

Shaziya Niamh xo


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