Festive Sausage & Mash.

It’s Christmas!!!! The time of feast and indulgence and spending time with those you love or at least vaguely like. As much as I would like to think there is a small chance of being healthy this year I know I won’t bother.

Year round sausage and mash is one of my favourite comfort food recipes, but since the whole allergic to dairy thing I’ve avoided making it.

Lately though I’ve been craving it even dreaming about it so I figured I best give in to my food needs!

The best part of sausage and mash it the mash (obviously). Peel your potatoes and chop into small chunks (this will help them boil quicker). Put the now chopped potatoes into a pot with some boiling water and add a pinch of sea salt, black pepper, chillie pepper (optional- I add chillie to everything!) and a little butter. Once boiled drain them but sauce abit of water for your sauce.

Cover potatoes and boil for just over 20 minutes. Whilst potatoes are boiling cook your sausages as per instructions. Personally I won’t go for anything under 95% pork but that’s a whole other blog post! I also bought some pigs in blankets that I cooked in the oven.

For the mash sauce chop up a white onion, a handful of mushrooms and spinach (I use frozen spinach as it’s more economical for a single person like me). Let the onions and mushrooms brown in a pan slowly adding a bit of the water saved from the potatoes. Once browned add the spinach, a dollop of goats cheese, double cream and bread sauce (the Christmassy part) stir and leave to simmer for a bout five- 10 minutes (go with your gut). Once simmered add your potatoes, mix so the sauce is covering the potatoes and then mash. Once mashed add sausages, pigs in blankets and pour over gravy. The next time I make this I’m going to add a little stuffing to make it extra Christmassy!

Let me know in the comments if you do try this recipe!

Merry Christmas!
Shaziya xo



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