Hi February!

January was spent mainly in bed watching crime dramas due to not one but TWO bouts of the flu type thing thats going round! One of my new years resolutions is to be healthier in both mind and body which for me means more exercise and less chocolate! I’ve found myself creating recipes that are both healthy and hearty, whilst trying to move out of my food comfort zones. My aim for February is build on what I’ve been doing in Jan so I can feel better about myself. I do alot of walking but I want to find another type of exercise I enjoy doing as I hate gyms with an unbridled passion and dancing in my underwear can only do so much!

What are your goals for February?

Shaziya xo


2 thoughts on “Hi February!

  1. Enjoyed the post. I intend to do much the same as you. Keep focused on making healthy choices so I am feeling and looking at my best in 2015. My choices, my consequences all the way!
    Also have a really bad cold at the mo; but it’s inwards and upwards all the way. 😍😍

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