Things I’ve learnt from the constant cold…


Forgive me for lack of posts over the last month, as per usual life got in the way. I’m also on my FOURTH cold this year, FOURTH!!!! Thats one a month! 

Now I know I’m not the only with the immune system of a small kitten, the truth is everyone I know seems to be getting something and then it goes around and the circle of doom repeats itself over and over again. I also blame the weather its so changeable one week theres thunderstorms and the next week its all sunshine and the body doesn’t know what to acclimatise to. However it has taught me many things…. 

  • Lemon is your best friend- not just when ill but ALL the time easy vitamin C all the way! 
  • Sometimes you just have to succumb- instead of the usual denial embrace it, rest and you’ll be better in the long term. 
  • Try not give your germs to anyone else- having a cold makes me the worst person to be around as I just sorry for myself. Use the time to catch on Neflix! 
  • Build up that immune system! This time last year I had a severe VItamin D deficiency and could barely do anything now I make a real point of exercising and eating healthy the majority of the time (the four hot cross buns I’ve just had don’t count!) 

Now that things are vaguely back to normal I’ll be posting more often in the meantime enjoy the sun! 

Shaziya xo 


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