Election time…. 

Elections come but once every five years and right now we’re in the midst of who will be our next Priminister. Now I’m not going to go into MY politics (if you’ve read my tweets you’ll get a vague idea) as I believe everyone should be free to make thier own choices. However I do believe everyone should exercise thier right to vote as change however little it may be comes from using that right. Now I know your probably reading this thinking MY vote won’t make a difference but as cheesy as it sounds EVERY VOTE MATTERS! I didn’t vote in the last election for that very reason and now I really wish I had. 

This time round I have my polling card and am watching and reading all I can about the election. I want to make an informed choice thats right for me. Alot has happened in the last five years and I think its worth reading about the cuts to the NHS and benefit system. My Mums a carer and I see her constantly having to fight for what she shouldn’t have to fight for. This is also the case for so many millions outthere and many more are falling through the cracks of the system. I’m trying my best not to preach but listen, observe and make a choice come May 7th. 

Shaziya xo 


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