Spring salmon and quinoa…


As the weather gets warmer and the nights darker later. I find myself craving lighter foods, foods that fill but don’t make me look or feel like I’ve eaten ALL the food! 

This dish is simple and if like me you live on your own (with flatmates) the type of thing you can make a big batch of to freeze for simple dinners and lunches through the week. 

You will need…… 

  • A cup (or two) of quinoa depending on how much you intend to make. 
  • A chopped red onion. 
  • Alittle garlic. 
  • A grated carrot. 
  • About a cup of vegetable stock. 
  • A cup of salmon (I used smoked) 
  • Chilli and black pepper (again depends on your taste. I use alot of chilli in ALL my food!)
  • Juice of half a lemon. 


Cook the quinoa as per instructions. In another pot saute the red onion in alittle olive oil add the veg stock and garlic along with the chillie and black pepper. Simmer for a couple of minutes and add the quinoa, stir and add the grated carrot with the salmon and lemon juice, allow to simmer for a few minutes and serve preferably with a salad or drink of choice (in this case it was white wine this time) and enjoy! 

Please let me know if you’ve tried making any of the things I’ve posted so far as that would be awesome! 

Happy eating! 

Shaziya Niamh xo 


One thought on “Spring salmon and quinoa…

  1. It looks and sounds delicious; I’m gona try it this week 😊. Will let you know my opinion but I think I’m going to love it. Thanks.

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