Mince and potato

Sometimes you want a dish that sends you back to childhood. Being both Irish and Pakistani meant that growing up meat and potato were a staple of my diet. Now that I’m older I don’t really eat meat, not for any other reason other than i feel better when i don’t have it that often. When I do though I make sure I cook something utterly scrumptious that comforts me and tastes delicious! 

Mince and potato is one of those dishes that sends me straight back to childhood. It seems to taste better the longer you leave it and its so simple to make that I can’t believe I hadn’t made it before. I served mine with a side salad and wholemeal pitta bread but you could have it rice and yoghurt or whatever side appeals most. 

I found this recipe on Sinfully Spicy, and tweaked it to suit my preferences, however next time I would make it SPICIER!!!. I think that has more to do with me not being happy ’til I cry when I eat though. 


  • 250g lamb mince. 
  • A potato chopped. 
  • A chopped white onion. 
  • A tin of chopped tomatoes. 
  • A bit of chopped ginger. 
  • 2 cloves of garlic. 
  • A red chilli. 
  • A large pinch of gara masala. 
  • A large pinch of cayenne pepper. 
  • A good teaspoon (glug) of olive oil. 

You need to: 

Warm the olive oil in a large pan and add the onion, saute ’til brown then add the garlic and ginger. Add alittle water and the potato, then add the mince stir and simmer til brown. Add the chopped tomato, gara masala and cayenne pepper aswell as the chilli. Keep stirring then let it simmer for about an hour (the longer the better). Now I very nearly burnt this so I would advice you keep a pint of water handy and keep feeding it. You want this to dish to be dryish but not like a desert! Believe me when I say it’ll taste better the next day and the day after!! 

Happy Monday! 

Shaziya xo 


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