Wine time Wednesdays- the rum post. 

Over the last few months I have given up drinking beer simply because drinking it leaves me with a two day headache and makes me feel really sick. This has made drinking socially difficult because whenever I’m out I generally only drink wine or beer as I’m not the biggest fan of spirits (ghostly and otherwise).

However rum is a different story, the first time I drank it was a valentines day many many moons ago, my friend Caerwyn (who’s half Jamaican half Welsh) and I went out for drinks. Now given his genetics the man can drink for Europe and rounds consisted of two rum and cokes to every pint!

Ever since that night I have been a huge rum fan (in smaller quantities!). Rum reminds me of good times, good friends and nights I don’t want to end. 

Last weekend I went over to my friend Michelles for the first bbq of the year- I brought over a bottle of Captain Morgans spiced (thats my go to rum) and she had a bottle of Mount Gay Rum

We had to compare them (obviously) and whilst Captain Morgans is spicier Mount Gay is a simple calm before the storm. As in its mellow and complimented the ginger beer we had with it far too well! 

Over the summer I will be posting cocktail esque ideas so if you have any suggestions feel free to email. 

Happy Thursday! 

Shaziya xo 


One thought on “Wine time Wednesdays- the rum post. 

  1. You haven’t drank rum until you try Wray and Nephews Overproof rum! Or Rum Bar, try one of the off licenses on Atlantic Rd.. The the one about two to three doors down from Ms Cupcake.. Jut imagine walking from where the spiritual shop is.. I think that’s Reliance arcade.. Then turn left round the corner and you’ll find it! They are one of the cheaper shops! I miss some of those shops!

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