Thoughts on thirty. 

I turned 30 on Saturday and if I am honest I completely (slightly) freaked out the week before! However with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes more good stuff. My twenties were a sea of insecurity and for the most part drama. I have entered my 30s in the best way possible surrounded by friends and family. 

Turning thirty means not giving a fuck, surrounding yourself with the ones that love you and not paying attention to the ones who don’t. When I look through the photos from the last few days I finally see someone genuinely happy with who she is and where she’s at. You realise that being sensible isn’t a bad thing and some of the things you did in your twenties you probably won’t do in your thirties and thats ok because really its all okay. 

As a child I remember having far better conversations with the adults than I did with people my age, now that I’m older my skin feels far more settled in to. You finally get to a stage of not wanting to be something you’re not and just being you. Which really truly is all you can be and in this grand sea of souls why would you want to be anything else other than yourself? 

I know most of this post is a rumble of thoughts processed into words but it’s how I’m feeling at the moment, calm, slightly blissful and ready for whatever this decade may bring! 


Shaziya Niamh xo


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