True Detective.

Last year True Detective was the thing that everyone was obsessed with- it seemed to come out of nowhere and every episode seemed to leave you with more questions than answers. 

True Detective season two has just begun and after watching episode one I am yet again left with more questions than answers. Whereas the first season had two main characters this concentrates on four central characters, each with a back story just as screwed up as the last! 

The first series had such an impact on anyone who watched it that I think its important to look at this one with new eyes. Of course its hard not to compare but series two has new characters and is set in LA instead of the deep south. Some of the underlying themes will be similar and It will be interesting to see how exactly those themes play out. The first epsode set up the story and main characters so I will be intrigued to see how thier journeys pan out through the series. 

I have a deep love for detective shows that stems from wanting to be a detective as a child. 

I know this is a food blog but I will be writing abit more about the other stuff in the next few weeks! So tell me what have you been watching? 
Shaziya xo 


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