Seriously epic chocolate cake…. 

Sometimes all you want is a massive piece of chocolate cake. For me that time is right now, as I write this all I want a HUGE piece of cake. I figure instead of having a piece (I will be running to the shops for cake later) I should write about it. 

As I’ve said before I’m still trying to get out of my cooking comfort zones! This cake was made for a dinner party with my housemates and myself a few weeks back. For our mains my housemate made the most delicious Thai Green curry ever! 

However, back to the cake, never have I been so scared of baking something! This recipe is flourless, involves egg separating and egg whites that turn to peaks. Usually when I cook its an event, I put on some loud music or have Father Ted on in the background, pour myself a large glass of wine and or have a cup of tea (usually both!). 

This time round I baked in silence as I needed to concentrate, unusually for me I also stuck pretty closely to the recipe. Next time I make this I will probably make slight changes but it worked well and my housemates, colleagues and family loved it! 

I chose this recipe Seriously Rich Chocolate cake from BBC Good Food. The only slight changes I made were: 

  • As I couldn’t find orange liquer I juiced half an orange and added a large splash of Amaretto. 
  • I also added some orange zest. 
  • My peaks weren’t hard enough as I misread the recipe this meant the cake took about an hour to cook. 
  • Be sure to use over 70% dark chocolate as this will make the cake rich and utterly delicious. 
  • Serve with creme fraiche, cream or anything cream like. 

Let me know if you do make this. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Shaziya Niamh xo 


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