The Tea Post- My everyday tea. 

  Ever since starting this blog- I have wanted to write about tea, however the timing never really felt right. You see I’ve been brought up on tea. As a child I was pretty sure (at one point) my parents only had children to make them copious amounts of tea! I never understood why or how they could drink tea in the summer but now I’m adult regardless of the temperature there will be a pot of tea on the go.  

Now I’ve been drinking green tea since I was about 15 and my earliest memory involves a mug of green tea in Bewleys cafe in Dublin with my Aunt alongside a great hunk of chocolate cake! I usually have a few green teas on the go and and in the next few weeks I will talk more about (mixing between tea & wine posts on a Wednesday) the others. 

Clipper green tea has been my everyday green tea for nearly a decade now. You can get it in most supermarkets and grocery stores and its fairly cheap but great quality. When it comes to green tea I have to admit I am abit of a purist as in I like it in a mug, on its own without any fancy stuff (honey/sugar/milk). Friends  have pointed out it is quite bitter but I am so used to drinking it that I don’t notice! Like a homing pigeon it doesn’t matter what other teas I try I will always come back to it! 

Whats your favourite tea? 

Feel free to leave a comment/ tea anecdote in the comments! 

Shaziya Niamh xo 


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