I haven’t really written anything in months because life and the stuff (new job/vague workout routine) have gotten in the way. Thats the thing though life gets in the way, in the way of the stuff that you need/ want desire to do.  

Friday was a regular Friday night my friend Kirsten was over and we were chatting about stuff over mulled cider with the tele in the background. Then the news happened and reports about the events seeped through and suddenly it wasn’t so normal because although I don’t live in Paris my heart still hurts for all those affected by the events of Friday night and not just Friday night but other events in other places. I watched the news and I cried for the people affected, the lives lost and their loved ones. 

Just because it happened in another country doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us. These people were out enjoying thier lives, spending time doing what they loved with people they loved and thats why it hits so close. It could have been any of us, it hurts, I want to hold all the people  I love just alittle closer and hug them alittle tighter. 

Last night I lit my candles as I always do and send good vibes out to Paris but not just to Paris but to the world. Send out those good vibes and do the little things because those little things make a big difference. 

Shaziya Niamh xo 


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