Hope is Made of Steel.

Remember the days when you would listen to album on your disc man so much the cd ended up scratched and over used? That became your obsession, you knew all the lyrics and all the chords to every song even the dirty little track that came on ten minutes after the album officially ‘ended’. In an age of Spotify and Itunes, I miss those days.

Then an album comes and draws you back in, becomes the thing that wakes you up and sends you to sleep, it is your life line of lullaby’s.

For me, right now Hope is Made of Steel by Northcote is this album. Every song is fuelled with a catchy Springsteenesque quality and hints of positivity. Its stadium rock but less cheesy, in short its just really bloody good and worth listening to regardless of whatever genre holds your soul.

Go listen!

Shaziya Niamh xo



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