My films of the year. 

At my worst I wasn’t able to really enjoy films,  books or music.  This year however I embraced it All! 

I was lucky enough to watch Aliens on 70mm,  go to the  Bridget Jones premiere and watch the underrated gem that is the Driver and see Edgar Wright present it.  The best thing about 2016 has been watching all the films.  Claire started my love of Marvel with the great binge of early 2016 and I spent far more of my spare time either in the cinema or watching films in bed. 

Myself and Shona went to the Edgar Wright all nighter which cemented my love for Mr Wrights films and the Prince Charles Cinema.  I spent the day at Picturehouse Central where I saw Aliens in 70mm,  Green Room and the Neon Demon all for a £1 each as part of their 1st birthday celebrations with Malinda where I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in years all thanks to twitter (Sabrina).  

I saw the Nick Cave documentary the day after I had written that last post and it was heart breaking and beautiful.  Shona,  Malinda and myself came out of cinema unable to speak- a testament to how utterly wonderful and gut wrenching that film is.  

I saw Captain America and Fantastic Beasts both good,  fun films.  Amongst many, many more.  

My most hated film of 2016 was the Neon Demon- granted I think every one should it,  but it really was plastic and didn’t really have any redeeming factors (apart from the soundtrack) 

My fave film of the year was definitely Hunt for the Wilder people- Taika Waititi is a genius.  (What we do in the shadows one of my fave films due to its utter comedic brilliance) Hunt had the right amount of humour and humility and I loved every second.  

Also loved Star Wars the force awakens because Star Wars. 

Hope 2016 has brought you as much filmic joy as it brought me.  Here’s to more of the same in 2017! 

All the love,  

Shaziya xo 


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