Some form of end of year sentiment

2014 was the year of the bite- the where I was bombarded with more shit than a broken toilet, just when I thought it was going to get better it didn’t it got worse, far worse than I could have ever imagined. 2015 was the hermit year where I just didn’t really do much- I stopped dating completely, completed my teaching qual and have a very nice 30th birthday. 2016 has been the year of understanding myself, the year where I fully got to grips with me. I started the year up in Chester with Claire and will end the year somewhere in London. This year I opened up about my depression, got healthier, watched lots of films and saw some of my favourite artists (Walter Schriefels and Kevin Devine to name a few). I went to Manchester, Nottingham and Edinburgh, saw lots of comedy and mets lots of wonderful people along the way. My department got an outstanding from OFSTED meaning I’m probably one of the best teachers in the country. 

I’m not saying this years been easy (Brexit, Trump), there have been moments where I cried from the depths of my soul. My depression got really bad, REALLY BAD and honestly Christmas wasn’t that easy either. I’m learning to deal with it every single day and doing my best. I’m very grateful for the people around  me and all the love and support. 

The one thing I’ve learnt this year is that there will always be shit and stuff- its just how you deal with the stuff. It really feels like the end of the trilogy (my twenties were the wilderness years and yes I’m aware of talking about my existence in sequel terms). 

 I’m walking in to 2017 happier, healthier and feeling more creative than I have ever felt. 

Happy New Year!!! 

Shaziya xo


Heres to another f@-!ing New Year! 

2014 was horrific, all the bad things in one. 2015 has been the year of….. stuff. Good stuff, bad stuff, middle of the road….stuff. I write this still recovering from the flu thats lingered for the last week, watching Masterchef and I can’t find the words to describe this year because it is what it is. 

This year has been the year I learnt to like myself abit more, got to know myself better and learnt to really   to really love not in the romantic sense as I stopped looking, but my friends and family. I feel stronger, more content and ready for whatever 2016 has in store. 

The Danish have this wonderful term hygge which I absolutely adore, it means taking pleasure it means getting cosy. For myself that means lighting my candles, long walks, cosy mornings and evenings reading books and watching films in bed. I’m using this week to fully recover, indulge, make plans for the year ahead and fully embrace hygge. 

Heres to a healthy, happy 2016 full of utter wonder! 
Shaziya Niamh xo