Things I’ve learnt from Fringe….

In the words of Staind it has indeed been awhile. I am just back from THE BEST WEDDING in Manchester and a trip to Edinburgh Fringe. I have seen some of the most wonderful comedians bare there hearts, souls and other body parts to an audience and it was heart warming, alittle scary and downright beautiful. 

  Below are just some of things I have learnt from my first fringe fling: 

1: The fringe bible is your friend but an inanimate object can only do so much so get talking to others. The flyerers are fountains of information who you can occasionally bare your soul to (I had got my first cold in seven months up there which coincided nicely with my holiday). My friend Kevin also happens to be an awesome reviewer so I heard things on the fringevine (see what I did there) 

2: Check out the Free Fringe. Fringe can be ludicrously expensive so its worth having a look at some of the free fringe shows. I saw some of my favourite shows due to the free fringe (more about that later) 

3: Get up early- I planned to do all the cultural stuff in the mornings (I only succeeded once)- most shows don’t start until around my midday giving you a chance to explore (saunter) around the shops/caves/museums. 

4: Be prepared to spend those pennies- I managed to do my trip on a teeny budget but still over spent. Next time I will make sure I save a bit so I can spend alittle more. All the pubs put up there drinks prices as well. In other words YOU WILL SPEND MONEY. 

5: Take lots of photos- Edinburgh is a beautiful city and I was lucky enough to be there when the weather was good. Take advantage and explore its deep and dirty history. 

6: Be prepared to queue – Halfway through is when shows really start to make a name for themselves hence bigger queues! If you don’t get into the show you want to see- down a beverage of a choice and there will undoubtedly be another show to see. 

7: Theres always a theme- You’ll find an overall theme each year- 2016 seems to be about mental health. Its great so many comedians tackling an issue that affects us all at some point. 

8: It will direct your comedy taste- Turns out I like comedy that’s slightly surreal, passionate and alittle dark (just like my music). Out of all the shows I saw whilst up there I didn’t enjoy TWO of them. Not everything will be to your taste but this just highlights the kind of comedy you do enjoy!!! 

9: Find a good pub- My favourite venue/ pub was Bannermans, a dive bar gig venue in the caves that felt slightly haunted. I also liked Cabaret Voltaire and the The Blind Poet (they have an amazing selection of beers & ciders). 

10: Be prepared to walk- Edinburgh is very hilly so be prepared to have calves that resemble tree trunks by the end of your visit. Buses are cheap but walking really is the best way of seeing the city. 

Lastly enjoy it!!! Bask in the glory that is fringe and have a wonderful time.