Wine Time Wednesdays- Why I won’t be dry this January. 

I spent my New Years up in Chester with my friend Claire drinking ALL the rum. Days later its Wednesday, I’m back in the midst of work and life and stuff and suddenly its just alittle depressing after all the fun festivities of Christmas and New Years. 

This is why January is the saddest month of the year- you meet the slump. Its dark, miserable and cold outside. Don’t get me wrong I applaud any one willing to give up anything in the first month of the year but it’s not for me. Though I won’t be painting the town various shades of red this month I will be having the odd tipple, usually on the Wednesday! 

The first wine of the year is one that blisters of memories of my twenties, but more than that its a good wine to start the year with. This wine is as easy on your wallet as it is on your tastebuds and whisks you into a subtle vanilla whipped frenzy. 

The wine in question is Campo Viejo Temperanillo, ( you’ve probably seen it in your local shop. Its definitely worth a try. I paired it with pizza and a night watching Jessica Jones on netflix. 


Happy Wednesday! 

Shaziya Niamh xo 


Wine Time Wednesdays- The Sangria Post. 


If ever a drink were to remind me of summer it would be Sangria (also Prosecco) the mere hint takes me to summer nights you just don’t want to end. This makes it the PERFECT summer drink for any warm occasion! 

The other night I went over to my friend Michelles for an impromptu wine tasting which started with Sangria and ended with an oaky Merlot. Michelle made this Sangria with one of my favourite Naked WineThe Cellar Works Red 2013, this red is light, easy and so very drinkable on its own. However, when used as the Sangria base it takes on a whole new life making it utterly delicious but without the dark aftertaste you sometimes get with red wine. 

This red is so smooth it makes easy listening sound like death metal! Michelle added watermelon, strawberries and sparkling water to the mix. This kept is fresh and oh so summery.  

Happy Wednesday! 

Shaziya NIamh xo 

Wine time Wednesday- the prosecco post. 


The other week my friend Michelle came over and I cooked a salmon and quinoa risotto which I paired with a nice glass (bottle) of Prosecco. Now prosecco is an Italian sparking wine thats usually dry and makes for a cheaper champagne alternative. 

The mere thought of prosecco makes me think of summer, salads and days that turn into evenings in the park usually followed by cocktails and dancing. I bought this bottle from a popular supermarket that begins with T as it was roughly half price and its one I have had before and enjoyed. 

This prosecco was dry, light and not too fussy, it worked really well with the risotto and I would most probably buy it again. 

Until next time 

Shaziya Niamh xo 

Wine time Wednesdays 

Since starting the blog there are two passions I haven’t yet talked about which are wine and tea. 

I rarely drink during the week unless I’m out socially but when it comes to Wednesdays, well Wednesdays are wine days! I’m going to try and post every week about a wine and or some other type of alcohol fuelled beverage and if anyone wants to send in suggestions feel free! 

I was meant to post this yesterday but I had the kind of headache that leaves you feeling as though you’re at the epicentre of doom. Instead I attempted to watch Sleepwalk with me  (great film) in bed with a cup of lemon and ginger tea. 

The first wine I’m going to review is Boy meets Girl a soulful Australian shiraz cabernet from Naked WInes. Naked wines are a customer funded business that provides wines from independent winemakers. This usually involves paying a monthly subscription that you can save up to get a box of really awesome wines. 

I’ll be honest, every single red wine I’ve had from them has been amazing. Boy meets girl is smooth yet bold and goes down far too easy for my liking! 


Please send in suggestions. Happy drinking!! 

Shaziya Niamh xo